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Gioberthy Monserrat

Classical Guitarist and expert of plucked stringed instruments

Gio Jose is a multifaceted musician who is well-versed in both music education and performance. Graduating with excellence as a classical guitar major from the Jose Reyna Conservatory in Venezuela, under the tutelage of Professor Samuel Granados, Gio Jose laid down a solid musical foundation from an early age.


His musical education reached its pinnacle with a prestigious Master’s degree in Guitar Performance from the University of Alicante in Spain. During this time, he had the privilege of studying alongside Grammy-winning performers Manuel Barrueco and David Russell, as well as be mentored by conductor and lutenist, Paul O’Dette. This exceptional training not only refined his technical skills and expression but also kindled an unrelenting passion for music within him.


Gio Jose has channeled his expertise towards pedagogy, sharing his knowledge

with unbridled enthusiasm for over 15 years. His expertise spans a wide array of plucked-string instruments, from classical guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, cuatro, bandola, and electric bass. Notably, his diverse array of former students include graduates from esteemed institutions such as the Guildhall School of Music (UK) and Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, as well as those who are sound engineers, producers, band musicians, and both classical and popular soloists.


Rooted in his holistic approach to teaching, he guides his students toward an in-depth understanding of music and technical mastery of their chosen instruments.

Gio Jose also shines as an accomplished guitarist, performing across Europe and Latin America. If you’re in search of a teacher who not only embodies technical excellence but also nurtures a profound appreciation for music within each student, Gio Jose is a great choice.

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