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The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary
to Advanced levels.

A Certificate of Achievement can be earned at each level of study from The Royal Conservatory by successfully completing the requirements for that level.

The Benefits of Examinations

  • Provide a national standard for students to track their progress

  • Encourage goal setting

  • Promote well-rounded musical training


What to Expect at an Examination

  • An objective assessment of the student’s skill for that level

  • A friendly yet professional atmosphere

  • Personalized feedback and marks

  • Results available online

Your teacher can advise you if your child is ready for this program.

~ Special Thanks~

Jill Sprenger.png

Dr. Jill Sprenger

RCM Ambassador

Dr. Sprenger's presentations on RCM Certificate Program on Sunday, June 16, 2024, was a great success!  If you are interested in RCM curriculum or RCM certificate program and have further questions, please feel free to contact us by filling the Contact Us form below (Subject: RCM).

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