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Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts


Policies and Procedures


Mission Statement


The mission of Wright Music Academy is to prepare students and instill a lifelong love of music through a supportive, nurturing, and cross-disciplinary approach to teaching the fundamentals of music, technique, artistry, and musical expression.


Vision Statement 


Wright Music Academy will prepare each student to develop into a well-rounded pianist, lasting them for the rest of their lives using academic methods, pedagogical approaches, and measurable evaluation methodology. 


Observing the lesson: Younger students benefit when parents observe the lesson. Doing so helps the parent understand what their child is supposed to work on for the week. As a result, many parents find themselves learning piano too!



The studio rules are as follows:


Please   wait   quietly   in   the   waiting area.   

Silence all devices

Siblings may come to wait quietly with an adult.




Expectations  :


How to maximize your investment with the best results. 


The “magic 4” combo


Students who do well in piano and progress in their lessons do four things :


1.     Regularly practice everyday, studying their music fundamentals and their assigned repertoire

2.     Have a suitable practice piano 

3.     Involved in activities and festivals 

4.     Read music every day and work to increase their reading skills through specialized assignments 



See more detail below:


Student Responsibility: Daily practice is required and should be treated like homework that must be done each day. A well-prepared student will get the full value out of their weekly lesson. In the lessons, I will help guide and teach your child effective practice techniques so that they can use their time well and maximize their results.



Below are some general practice guidelines


6-7 days a week practice guidelines


6-7 years old: 15-20 minutes a day

8-9 years old: 20-25 minutes a day

10-11 years old: 25-30 minutes a day

12-13 years old: 30-40 minutes a day

14-15 years old: 45+ minutes a day

16 years old and older: 45+ minutes a day



Recitals and Activities: There will be recitals in December and April. A recital fee of $15.00 per student per recital will be assessed regardless of participation.  Students are highly encouraged to participate in Katy Music Teachers Associations (KMTA) opportunities to enhance their experience. There are fees associated with the KMTA events. To participate, the student must be prepared to the satisfaction of the instructor. Fees are non-refundable. 


Materials   and   Equipment: All students need an acoustic piano that is tuned at least once a year or an appropriate digital piano. A digital piano is acceptable as long as it meets the following criteria:

• 88 keys

• Touch sensitive (can make piano sound loud or soft depending on amount of force used)

• Weighted keys

• Sustain/damper pedal

• Appropriate bench that is the right height

• A free standing instrument; a table top keyboard is not acceptable

For a list of recommended digital pianos and accessories, please click the link below:




Miles, Sturch, and Westbrook Pianos: sales@mswpianos.com


Houston Piano Company : Contact , Larry Harms (832) 541-7800 - The Houston Piano Company has piano rentals and pianos for purchase


There are many more options available, please inquire if you need additional help!


Students will also need a metronome for daily practice. You may purchase a free app for your smart device or buy a free-standing metronome.


Attendance Policy

Missing lessons is sometimes unavoidable; inevitably “life happens”. If a lesson is missed, keep in mind that there are very few make up lessons available. The studio calendar is created for some degree of flexibility in the event something does come up.


When “life happens” just remember that lessons virtual on Zoom as an alternative. While in person lessons are more effective, I have found virtual lessons to be an excellent alternative to maintaining the consistency needed in private weekly lessons. Students are also able to manage their lessons in the student/parent portal. In this portal, parents can cancel lessons and also find available make up slots.






Notice of cancellation given more than 24 hours may give students the opportunity to make-up the missed lesson. In the summer, lessons that are cancelled can be rescheduled with more flexibility. However, while every effort will be made to make up the missed lesson that is cancelled in the summer time, there is no guarantee that all of the lessons can be made up. 




Each student may be granted up to 2 make up lessons per fall semester (September 1 - December 31) and spring semester (January 1 - May 31). Make up credits will expire 60 days after the date they are given. The credits may be used in the following ways:


 1. finding an open time slot in the calendar using your student portal

 2. attending a Saturday group piano class 


Furthermore, the parent understands by cancelling the lesson, that there is no guarantee that the lesson may be made up. Parents understand that make-up lessons are offered as a courtesy and that scheduling make-up lessons is dependent on teacher availability. 




 Make-up lessons are not available when a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours notice and no make-up credit will be issued.


Payment :  


Music study is a year round monthly activity. Each month, the tuition remains the same. No matter how many lessons are in that month.


Students can have anywhere from 1-5 lessons within the month. The lessons are averaged throughout the year to and closely follow with KatyISD school calendar with a few exceptions.


Each family must have a credit card on file to enroll with Wright Music Academy. Tuition is automatically charged on the 1st of each month. Please note that tuition is prepaid in advance. If payment fails to go through on the first of the month there will be a $15.00 late fee assessed to the account by the 3rd of the month.


There is a 10% discount on one year of tuition when paid 1 full year in advance 




Guaranteed and secured placement in Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts

33 Private Lessons from September 1 – May 31

10 Private Lessons from June 1 – August 31

Performance opportunities within Wright Music Academy and the Katy Music Teachers Association festivals

Competition opportunities to encourage students to excel and perform at a high level

Winter and Spring Recitals at the Prestigious Kawaii Piano Gallery

Access to your child's progress, calendar management, and activity management through your mymusicstaff portal.


*please   note   that   Wright Music Academy  does   not   credit   lessons


Cancellation Policy and Terminating Lessons:

To avoid the $100 cancellation fee, parents may end this agreement by giving 30 day written notice prior to the end of each semester: fall, spring, summer. The deadline for notices are as follows:


Fall : November 1, the last lesson per the studio calendar will be at the end of the winter semester in December 31st

Spring : May 1, the last lesson per the studio calendar will be at the end of spring semester in May 31st 

Summer : August 1, the last lesson per the studio calendar will be at the end of the summer semester on August 31st 


 Photo Release Statement for Parents/Guardians of Child Performers


As the legal parent/gaurdian hereby grant permission to WRIGHT MUSIC ACADEMY CENTER FOR THE ARTS to use photographs and/or video recordings of my child, taken during musical performances, lessons, rehearsals, or related events organized or sponsored by the Katy Music Teachers Association and the Texas Music Teachers Association.


I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. Purpose: The photographs and/or video recordings may be used for promotional and marketing purposes related to your child including but not limited to, website content, social media, brochures, posters, newsletters, and other advertising materials.

 2. Release and Consent: I give WRIGHT MUSIC ACADEMY CENTER FOR THE ARTS the right and permission to use, reproduce, edit, publish, and distribute the photographs and/or video recordings of my child, in whole or in part, without any restrictions or limitations, in any and all media formats.

3. Privacy and Safety: WRIGHT MUSIC ACADEMY CENTER FOR THE ARTS will make every effort to ensure that the images/videos used are appropriately and will not be used in any way that compromises the safety, security, or privacy of the child performers. Only first names will be used, addresses will not be published. This includes any magazine publications as required.

 4. No Compensation: I understand and agree that neither I nor my child will receive any financial compensation or benefits for the use of the photographs and/or video recordings.

 5. Waiver of Rights: I waive any right to inspect or approve the final products, including written copy, that may be used in conjunction with the photographs and/or video recordings, or the use to which they may be applied.

 6. Release of Liability: I release WRIGHT MUSIC ACADEMY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, its representatives, employees, and any third parties acting under its permission or authority, from any liability for any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of the use of the photographs and/or video recordings.


7. Duration: This release will remain valid until specified in writing.

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