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About the founder of Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts

Training Pianists Through Pedagogical and Performance Methods

About Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts founder Tobin Wright

Tobin Wright has been deeply involved in guiding the development of piano students for over 24 years. Whether you are a kindergartener just learning to find their voice through music, a high-schooler who aims to compete at the highest levels in regional/national events, an adult who wants to play in a band, or just enjoy their favorite tunes at home, all students enjoy a thorough and rigorous  foundation training centered around repertoire study, technical development, theory, and performance skills.  Students will learn to play with ease, moving efficiently in a way that is natural and healthy for their body.  


Tobin Wright holds degrees in piano performance and pedagogy (teaching piano) from Louisiana State University (M.M.) and the University of Central Missouri (B.M.). Prior to his time in Katy, Texas, he had studios in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and College Station, Texas.  In addition to his teaching endeavors, Mr. Wright has performed as a pianist and composer through out the Houston area and on social media platforms.

In addition to his musical career, Tobin also has a real estate business based in Katy:  PianoManRealtor.  This allows him to bring a uniquely pragmatic approach to music instruction: in addition to the purely musical skills, Tobin wants all of his students to be able to enjoy music for a lifetime, regardless of their career path. Whether it is "knowing how to fit good practice into a short amount of time", "becoming a musical resource in your community",  or "using the piano as a partner in your wellness regimen",  Wright Music Academy students will also enjoy the perspective of someone who has actively and seamlessly incorporated music into his professional and personal life.  


Music education with a mission and vision:


Mission Statement:

The mission of Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts is to prepare students and instill a lifelong love of piano through a supportive, nurturing, and cross-disciplinary approach to teaching the fundamentals of piano, technique, artistry, expression, music composition, and music theory.

Vision Statement:

Wright Music Academy Center for the Arts will prepare each student to develop into a well-rounded pianist and acquire skills and training

that will last and enrich them for the rest of their lives.

Wright Music Academy

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